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Update, Dec. 13, 2020

I’m glad Gov. Wolf and the Secretary of Health did not restrict dental services from continuing.

The dental community was very vocal to our representatives and senators about the last shutdown. The governor and health secretary deemed many of our treatments nonessential; this is not true.

Most of what we provide is essential.

Let me define “necessary” care. “Procedures necessary to preserve organ or bodily function or if not performed in a timely fashion has the potential to compromise overall health and the outcome of the procedure due to continuation or progression of the underlying condition, symptom, or disease.”

There’s nothing “routine” about a six-month cleaning. These visits are essential.

We do oral cancer screenings.
We visually look to see if anything new has occurred or anything has significantly progressed.
We take x-rays to show us what our eyes can’t see.
We give essential advice and recommend treatment for conditions.
We clean your teeth of tartar and debris that causes gum disease.
We fill cavities instead of them progressing to tooth infections.
We want to prevent tooth loss.

There are only a few common sense things we need to do from now on.

If you’re sick, stay home. We understand.
For now, continue to wear your face covering until this pandemic is over.
Wash your hands when you can. Sanitize them in between.

For the time being, we do not have the appointment capacity we once had. Our bookings support physical distancing and are limiting different families together at once.

On infection control in a dental office

Dentists have always done infection control the right way. We have dealt with pandemics in the past and work with infectious diseases year-round.

Our primary goal is for the safety of you, our patients.