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This week we are preparing for a re-opening June 15.

The past few months have not been easy for everyone.

We have a lot of catching up and a lot of work we need to do before next week.

Supply inventory – Discard any expired, order fresh supplies.

Instruments – Reprocess and sterilize.

Equipment – Clean and flush water lines. Ensure equipment operational. Perform back-to-service maintenance.

Office – Prepare for business to be done with minimal, unnecessary contact. Ensure a minimal overlapping of contacts.

The pandemic is not over. Precautions still need to be done. Arrive with a face covering. Sanitize your hands on arrival. We have stations throughout the office.

Call us!

No worries if you don’t get us right away. We’ve got to catch up since March 18. Your message is transcribed and sent to all of us.

(610) 678-5700

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