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Important information now that we’re back to work 

We have a tremendous backlog of appointments to catch up on. Our phones will be busy and it’s impossible for us to handle many calls at once. 

But, not to worry!

Here are the best two ways to get in contact with us:

Message Us!

Messages sent here reach all of us, including me. We won’t be able to handle many phone calls at once. We have a backlog of appointments going back to March 18. 

Call us

If you get our voice mail, don’t worry! Our system transcribes your message and sends it to everyone, including me. Tell us all details, the more the better. 

The past few months, the ordered closures, the stay-at-home-orders, destroyed our schedule.

Now it’s time to rebuild it. And, we can! I need your help. Be patient with us.

We all have a lot of catching up to do and I want to do it right. 

 Shad Lewis